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About GasTech

GasTech GmbH was founded in 1990 by Hans-Dieter Wagner and Horst Schmitz, B.Sc. (Eng.). Extant expertise and experience in gas fixtures and fittings and supply equipment were a solid foundation for the expansion of the company, which has been nationally and globally successful for years.

Today the company makes numerous client-specific products meeting very varied specifications as well as standard products at their Castrop Rauxel location. Flexibility, reliability and cooperation as well as great expertise are considered by clients and suppliers to characterise us.

GasTech products and pressure reducers meet state-of-the-art specifications and are made to the highest quality standards. GasTech offers clients complete control of all regulators ordering.

At the end of 2008 Wolfgang Groh acquired the shares previously held by Mr. Wagner. The latter remains available to the company as consultant.

Qualified happy staff whose performance is recognised and whose ideas and improvement proposals are accepted are a major factor in our success.